Venice is bleeding? 

The canals are staged in deep red lights to astonish, fascinate and maybe also unsettle the viewer somewhat.

Venice pulsates, breathes, is alive!

This ambitious urban art project is in the planning process - implementation planned for 2017/18.


4,000m LED-Strings, Steel Strings, Swim Buoys etc. The inhabitants, visitors and tourists will walk through the city during the installation period as usual. Along the canals, across the bridges and squares of this fascinating city. But something will be different ...

The canals of the city, the lifelines and traffic ways of this unique lagoon metropolis will shine in a deep red light. These underwater light streets are supposed not just to create a fascinating and unique art installation but to draw the attention of the world’s public to a problem and the peculiar situation of Venice, which is threatend with extinction. Sustainable solutions are needed.