“The elements fire, water, earth, air – and a heart. It pulsates, burns, throbs – and sometimes it even bleeds. The heart as a symbol for life and being human, love and pain. Primary and genuine.“

A trestle, white and filigree, 5 meters wide and 5 meters high, in a church in the very centre of the city. A 3-dimensional heart which, using multimedia, is filled with the four elements and keeps on changing. It alternates its colour and rhythm, it steams, glows and drips. Laser penetrates the dark space and the sounds of Digital Haze touch the visitor’s deepest senses 

“HEART NUMBER ONE“ is the first in a series of further installations and sculptures by Michael Pendry, created around the idea of HEART NR 1. and the structure dissolve into space.

The spatial iconography of “HEART NUMBER ONE“ presents a different take on our existence and our soul. In this work the artist links archaic images, iconographic symbols, sculptural and dramaturgical elements and masterfully combines them into a fascinating, multimedia spatial object.  His own very special artistic dimension and unmistakable style, which Michael Pendry has been continuously developing and refining over the years. 

MUNICH, 2016 Viktualienmarkt