6 PANI Projectors, 12 LED flood lights, Dolby-Surround System
„STÖRUNG..." ( Disruption )- The reversal of a cloister architecture with its atrium garden builds the starting point of this installation. The visitor sits in the  the nave, set in a blue, comforting atmosphere and literally looks "outside" on to a huge 30x10 metre projection of the Paradise Gardens by Jan Breugel (1450) on the walls to the aisles. The atmosphere is peaceful, homely and beautifull - birds twittering, the sounds of crickets...

This peacefull nature idyll is interrupted randomly by a completly unexpected light-and sound shift. The paradise changes for a short moment into " The Hell Fall of the Damned" by Peter Paul Rubens (1615).


Mountains of muscle and flesh, battles and demons appear larger than life, the light atmosphere changes into blood red - sounds of guitars and screaming voices echo through the space. For a few seconds there is a scenario like an inferno from Dante. Frightening, disturbing, surreal.

At the moment the visitor starts to really recognize this disruption, the atmosphere shifts back into the origin, the starting point, the blue and peaceful atmosphere.

The ambivalence of life, reflected on all its different layers and the ubiquitous presence of the unexpected is the pivotal element of this installation.